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To order a picture select the button that says "Buy" in the upper right hand corner of the gallery and choose "select photos to buy". Click the photos you would like to order and click the "buy" button in the upper right hand corner of the gallery and follow the prompts. If you have difficulty or any questions feel free to contact me. Some browser settings may interfere with the ordering process.

The pictures in this gallery will work best in the 8x10 ratio and 5x7 ratio. NOTE: The 5x7 will shrink the ratio of the photo slightly so check to make sure the 5x7 crop is centered correctly. It should automatically center it but it's good to check you like the crop.

You will also have an option to add lustre coating. This protects your picture to some degree from light and the elements and I strongly recommend it for longevity.
20170112-3V4A356820170112-3V4A3574Adam_Hertz-9505Adam_Rosendale-9264Alan_Doane-9225Alan_Redfield-9344Albert_Olszewski-9417Amanda_Curtis-9331Austin_Knudsen-9664Barry_Usher-9617Becky_Beard-9191Bill Harris-3313Bob_Brown-9603Bob_Keenan-9512Brad_Hamlett-9579Brad_Tschida-9628Brian_Hoven-9231Bridget_Smith-9441Bruce_Grubbs-9262Bryce_Bennett-9607

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