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This gallery shows the condition I left the home in at 26563 River Run Rd, Huson MT

The video listed first in this gallery shows the condition of the home as I left it before Corey Talkington turned in his inspection and the photos show the home after I addressed the issues. I have sent Plum Property a copy of Corey's report with every issue highlighted that I had addressed or contested. Many of the observations Corey made about the condition of the home I disagree with and I feel these photos side with me. For instance, Corey marked almost every door as "dirty". I think the video and photos make a strong case things were not portrayed correctly on the report. Every door pictured I did not wash a second time after Corey's report (see video made as Corey was doing his inspection). Also, the carpet Corey is standing on in the video he marked dirty as well.
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