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This Gallery is now complete. Feel free to browse and order products prints if you see a shot you like. If you have problems with an order please email me ([email protected]) and I will be happy to process your order through email.

It was my great pleasure to get tons of fun action shots of the 2013 season! I regret that I am not able to photograph every child and team, but what I did capture is located here and available for order. The kids worked hard and it shows.

We are offering these action shots at our ALA CARTE menu prices! I've also added a few more product options, including t-shirts and traditional mugs! Online ordering is now enabled, so just select the products you want from the drop down product list on each photo, and follow your checkout instructions!

I have also uploaded all of the team photos to this gallery and added memory mates to the product list for those of you who would like a team photo with your favorite player's action shot!

NOTE: The products listed here are from a different lab and will have a different theme/look than the lab I used during the season. I apologize, but this is the lab that my website hosting company partners with for online ordering. For the record, they are very good!

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] and I will reply ASAP. Thank you! It was a GREAT SEASON! I enjoyed all the photo shoots and the kids were so easy to work with and fun. I hope you enjoy your images and products.


These are large file sizes for printing and sometimes the loading of images for the specialty products like magazine covers, trading cards, etc...takes awhile. Be careful that on any product you select that offers text options (trading cards, magazine covers, game day tickets, etc...) you are very careful to fill in the text options offered you during the customizing of the product in the checkout process. NO REFUNDS are offered for mistakes made during checkout, so review all orders carefully. If your products or prints arrive damaged, please contact me and I will work with you to correct the error or offer refunds if warranted. Also, watermarks (my studio name across the photo) will NOT be printed on your orders, they are simply to protect my images from online theft. Thank you!


Did you miss picture day? If your child's photo was taken by me during the team/individual player shoots you can order makeup photos from me! Find the form and ordering instructions HERE!

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