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Welcome to your proofing gallery! What a wonderfully photogenic family you all are!

Please browse the photos. When you decide to make an order, just click the photo in the gallery to make it large and there will be a buy option on the top of the photo. This will allow you to pick from a variety of product categories, including the most standard print and canvas options (canvases are listed under the "Showcase" category). Each photo you desire to purchase will have a list of "best fit" crops for your photo listed first. Those crops will best suit the photograph you want to buy.

The quality of these photos printed at my professional lab will really shine at the larger print sizes, especially since it was such a large group. If you desire smaller file sizes for web sharing that you may print small at a casual lab (up to 4x6) for family albums, This option can be found in the digital download category in the product list for $25. Just send me a note if this is an option you want.

Speaking of print sizes, 8x10 is considered a very popular crop, but it's not well suited to modern professional camera dimensions. If you are interested in 8x10 I encourage you to go for 8x12. I don't even actually offer 8x10 unless specially requested.

If you have questions about products listed or have a problem with the ordering process, please email or call me. Web ordering is new to my website, and we are still working out the kinks. When you order, it will send the order to me via email for approval, and if everything seems okay, I will approve the order.

If you order some specialty products like a canvas (and these photos would look very nice on canvas btw) I will have the canvas sent to me first for approval and then send it on to you. For an investment and product of that quality and price I like to see it first to make sure it's perfect.

You can make as many orders as you want and anybody you share the gallery with is free to order as well.
And remember, PLEASE call me if you encounter problems ordering. I have no problem walking you through it, or making the order for you if need be.

NOTEE: The watermark is web only. It will not print on your photos. :)
Happy viewing! Thanks for your business.

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